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Teamwork Makes The Difference

At Pioneer Log Homes of BC teamwork makes all the difference. When you call, email, or stop by our Pioneer offices, you will probably already have a good idea of what you want in your custom log home. You’re not alone. Most of our world-class log home clients come to us with a dream that we then craft into reality, whether it is from sketches on a napkin or pages clipped from a magazine.

Every Pioneer Log Home is assembled by a team who painstakingly handcraft every detail and deliver your home on time, on budget and in balance with nature’s perfect creations. With decades of experience, Pioneer Log Homes of BC can develop working construction drawings, assist in submissions for building permits, engineering requirements or community planning. After all, we’ve crafted luxury log homes and structures worldwide.

Meet the Pioneer Family of Professionals

We have an old saying around here, “You can take our handshake to the bank.” At Pioneer Log Homes of BC, we are first and foremost a family business. Therefore, any commitment we make to you and your family is a promise we take very seriously. When you’re ready to talk to a Pioneer Log Homes expert we are ready to answer your call or email.

That dedication stems from our deeply embedded family values and ideals that have been part of our custom log home company since the beginning.

BRYAN REID SR. – Founder

From the start, Bryan has enjoyed sharing his passion for log home beauty and quality. Learning his trade under the guidance of local native craftsman and friend Samson Jack, Bryan’s reputation for quality and craftsmanship quickly grew. In 1973, he established Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia in Williams Lake, British Columbia. The rest is history – 48 years and counting. Bryan’s dream from day one, in 1973, was always to surround himself with his family, and of course, friends that we consider family. We would have to say that Bryan’s dream has come true.  To learn more about Bryan view his biography here.

That dedication stems from our deeply embedded family values and ideals that have been part of our custom log home company since the beginning.


Bryan Jr. is a Master Craftsman and oversees operations at the 153 Mile Division of Pioneer Log Homes. Bryan Jr. is another of the Pioneer Family craftsman that will far exceed all your custom log home expectations. Bryan often takes our Pioneer Log Home packages and structures to different levels of construction after they have been re-erected on our client’s foundations. Providing such services as roof and gable frame packages helps to get the log structures covered up and your family’s investment protected. You will enjoy Bryan’s knowledge and professionalism for getting the job done right; his skill and craftsmanship is apparent in all areas of the construction process.

That dedication stems from our deeply embedded family values and ideals that have been part of our custom log home company since the beginning. In 2017, the ownership of Pioneer Log Homes shifted from father to son.

Bryan Reid III

A third generation log home builder, Bryan III learnt everything he knows about the industry from his father and grandfather. Bryan prides himself on building the finest log structures on the market and it shows in the quality work he puts out. When he isn’t working Bryan III is furthering his chainsaw carving skills, fishing or just spending quality time with friends and family.

Pioneer Sales Team

When you call Pioneer Log Homes of BC, you will absolutely get the professional service that our clients have been accustomed to for four decades. Our attention to detail and knowledge of our custom log homes is apparent from the moment you speak with us. At Pioneer Log Homes of BC, we have a passion for every structure, large or small.

That dedication stems from our deeply embedded family values and ideals that have been part of our custom log home company since the beginning.


With over 45 years of experience in sales, Gary Crosina heads Pioneer’s incredible sales team while looking after all of our US and international clients. His love for providing exceptional service has been known to keep him in our office for over twelve hours a day just to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.


Aleesha, our Canadian Sales and Marketing Coordinator, joined the Pioneer team in 2017 when she moved to the Cariboo from Winnipeg. She and her husband own a small hobby farm, and also enjoy going for hikes with their dogs and travelling throughout Beautiful British Columbia. Aleesha gets great enjoyment out of assisting our Canadian clients in making their dream home a reality!

It is Pioneer’s mission to totally service our clients before, during, and after the building of your dream home. We continually receive phone calls and email letters from our clients thanking us in every way for the way we do business and our level of service.

Feel free to contact our Pioneer Log Homes’ office to find out more about our log and timber homes. No matter where in the world you are from, or where you are building, our friendly knowledgeable team is there to help and assist you every step of the way. Let our elite team demonstrate to you why Pioneer Log Homes are the “Finest Log Homes on Earth”.

Master Craftsmen

Joel Roorda

Joel started working with Pioneer at 16 years old and today he is renowned as one of the world’s best log home builders. Joel builds some of Pioneers most complex and difficult log home projects with clients often requesting him by name. Joel is considered the puzzle-solver of the group and has travelled all over the world to build our one of a kind log homes. Joel, along with Martin and Brad hold down the fort at our Williams Lake Site.


A Master Craftsman, Sam heads up the Soda Creek Division along with Beat. Sam is a “details” guy in every sense of the log structure. Sam joined the Pioneer Log Homes team in 1996 and is known as thorough and meticulous in every part of “Our Art of Log Construction”. He is a key member of our team and much appreciated by all our clients. Over the years many clients have specifically asked to have Sam construct their Log Shell Package after meeting him at our facilities in Williams Lake, British Columbia. Sam has a lot of fun with everything he does at work and is known to have a funny comment or two at any time. It is apparent to everyone that Sam loves his work.


Martin, one of our valued Master Craftsman, came to Pioneer Log Homes directly from Switzerland close to 20 years ago! He likes working with the uniqueness of the logs – not one of them is the same – “Things you can do with logs is amazing! With a good crew the sky is the limit!”. Martin enjoys the look on customers faces when their custom log home is reassembled for them on their property.


Brad, another of our Master Craftsmen, has been with Pioneer Log Homes for over a decade! His favourite thing about working for Pioneer is choosing the perfect character log for a client and getting to see it installed on site. He enjoys meeting the clients and seeing how happy they are with their Pioneer home – a home he has helped to craft specifically for them!

Design Team


Roy Keats is our Manager of Design and Architectural Services and we look forward to you meeting him. Roy joined the Pioneer team in 1997 and is key to pulling all aspects of the planning phase together. He has been an integral part of over 1000 structures with Pioneer and he understands how to bring the incredible elements of log and timber into play with other building materials which highlight a log or timber structure, such as stone and other wood products. Pioneer is very proud of what Roy brings to every structure we create and construct. His quiet demeanor and incredible work ethic, combined with exceptional design talent will surpass your highest expectations.


Jack Hanlon is the newest member of the Pioneer Log Homes’ Design and Drafting Team. Jack moved from St. John’s, Newfoundland to join us here in beautiful British Columbia. With his diploma of Architectural Engineering Technology from the College of the North Atlantic and his incredible work ethic, Jack is delivering top quality designs to our clients! When Jack is not hard at work in our Pioneer office, he is playing hockey, basketball, snowboarding and traveling!

DOUG Warwick

Doug has been with the Pioneer team since 2006, concentrating mainly on construction drawings and details. One of his first design projects for Pioneer was overseeing the log façade design on the Williams Lake Wal-Mart – the first Wal-Mart on the planet to have aesthetic log features. Thanks Doug for your hard work and level of detail!

Chelle Lavida

Chelle Lavida

Chelle moved from Saskatchewan to British Columbia to join our design team in 2022. She holds a diploma in Architectural Technologies from SAIT, and enjoys delivering accurate construction drawings and creative designs to our clients. When she is not working, Chelle is creating pottery, painting, camping and traveling.

We are thankful to have such an elite design team. The Pioneer Log Homes team takes your dreams and ideas very seriously, and they love what they do! When you meet Roy, Donna, Don, Jack, or Doug either in person or on the phone you will understand that they are truly designers of the “Finest Log Homes on Earth”.

Please feel free to contact us so we can start this very exciting and interactive process of bringing your family dreams together. Pioneer Log Homes of BC honours the opportunity, and looks forward to meeting you.

Office Staff



Kaycee looks after the accounting for Pioneer Log Homes. She likes being part of the team of such a long established and respected company. Kaycee is diligent in ensuring clear communication with our clients and is always happy to assist!

Ivan Marenkov


Ivan joined the Pioneer team in 2021 and now serves as our Logistics Coordinator and Purchaser. He ensures our clients’ homes reach their destinations safely and on time, regardless of location. When not at work, Ivan enjoys the great outdoors, hunting, and traveling.