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Our Testimonials

If you have ever walked into a house full of new faces yet are welcomed as one of the family, you know what it’s like to meet with us at Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia. We warmly invite each new family into our circle of close friends, committed to delivering excellence and attention to every detail. These testimonials are a tribute to that dedication and long-term friendship provided by our team.

We can view glacier covered Mt. Rainier from our stunning deck, and imagine the splendor and grace of Rainier’s Paradise Inn. Now, we dwell in our own resplendent and quaint Cedar Lodge surrounded by majestic nature. For the Carrier’s, Pioneer didn’t just build a dream home, they created paradise.

Newest members of the Pioneer family, Lacey, WA

Eric & Kelly Carrier- Developer

Wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank you and company for the great work done here in Prince George.  I have to admit to being nervous with the significant investment made ( particularly with everything based on some drawings on paper).  When Martin, Ranato and Simon pulled in to town, the trailer was loaded with what didn’t look like much.  What followed was an impressive demonstration of workmanship, skill and determination.  Once the guys started I didn’t have any doubt that they only wanted to do the best for us.  It turned out to be an amazing 24 hours.  Working full out ( and I only had to bring them water and coffee) they created a masterpiece.  Joining the owner and I for breakfast on Tuesday allowed us to get a real insight in to who these craftsmen are.

The comment and compliments from both CTC and customers have flowed nonstop.  I am amazed at the brand recognition and fascination people exhibit when they see our structure.  Thank you again for sending top quality people and being a top quality company to deal with.

David Shuvera, General Manager, Canadian Tire, Prince George, BC- Developer

Dear André and Friends at Pioneer Log Homes,

In the fall of 2012 we started our quest to research and find a log home builder that would assist with the design and construction of our dream log home. First impressions are everything and from our initial discussions with Mike Jacobson it was easily determined that Pioneer was the front runner for our project. As we learned about log home construction Mike made us feel very comfortable and explained many things we hadn’t considered or given thought to. After a visit to Williams Lake in early 2013 and having the opportunity to both see your operation and meet many of the Pioneer team our decision was made and our friendship with Pioneer started!

On behalf of our family I want to thank everyone at Pioneer Log Homes for making the entire process truly an amazing one-of-kind experience. The end result is a magnificent log home and one that surpasses all of our expectations! We’re very proud of the end result and Pioneer should be as well. The craftsmanship, character and beauty are beyond description.

A special thank you to Donna Fitzel who was ever so patient with us during the design process. We had several must have design ideas and she worked to deliver each and every one of them.

Above all we feel very fortunate to have had Beat Schwaller lead our project. His genuine sincerity, interest and thoughtfulness added so much to the great experience. Beat and his crew delivered what was promised and so much more.
We couldn’t agree more that Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia do in fact build the “Finest Log Home on Earth” and again we thank you for producing and delivering our incredible home.

The Agnew Family, Langley, BC- Developer

Dear Bryan,

My name is Jim Gauthier and I have recently purchased a new log home from your company. I cannot tell you enough how pleased I am with the service I received from the very first day of doing business with your company.

I arrived the first day of August at Williams Lake and met with Mike and André. I really appreciated the fact that André, who was going through treatments, spared the time to show me his home that he had built, which would be the same as mine.

When Mike and I put a deal together, I felt that I was dealing with a very reputable firm. During the next 8-9 months I had several conversations with my builder, Beat who was outstanding. He guided me through the process and sent pictures on a weekly basis.

On April 8th, they arrived on site with my home. I have to tell you, I employ a staff of 400 people and have never seen work ethic like Beat and his men. When children were on site, Beat would take the time to talk to them and give out autographed cards. Timber Kings is a much watched show in the area. Our neighbors absolutely loved your people and supplied sandwiches and cookies during their stay.

This log home has exceeded all of my expectations. Dealing with your company has been a pure pleasure as it was dealing with Beat and his people. They definitely want to please the customer.

You should be very pleased and honoured to have people like them working for you. As business people, we realize that we are only as good as our staff. I totally agree with your slogan, Pioneer builds the Best Log Homes in the World.

Thank you and your people for making my dream come true.

Jim Gauthier, Winnipeg- Developer

Dear André

You are a blessing from God. We don’t know any other way to explain how much we appreciate what you and your people have done for us. “Perfect” is the word that comes to mind when we try to describe your work.

Thank you so very much, also thank you to Beat, Sam, Jessie, Rocky and Scott as well

Mila and Zalman Goldschmidt, Concord, Ontario- Developer

Dear André, Peter, and Pioneer Family,

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the patience and support your company has shown us as clients. Look up the word integrity in the dictionary and it should say Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia. Recognize your picture because it should be there!!!!!!!

Peter Arnold is amazing. We’re sure he’s typical of all your log smiths, we saw special quality. He was given a crew of capable, experienced, and cocky professionals. He commanded by example and wit, yet delivered orders and criticism as required. He is an awesome leader. He is now everyone’s favourite.

The house exceeds our expectations. Words can’t describe how we feel. We are overwhelmed by the craftsmanship and beauty of the entire product.

Pam and Frank McHenry, Illinois- Developer

Dear Bryan, André and the entire Pioneer Log Home Family,

My family and I would like to extend our sincerest thanks for looking out for our family’s best interests while engineering, designing and building our home. This year California experienced a devastating 6.3 earthquake. The epicentre was less than 7 miles from our ranch…we were at ground “0”. I feared the worst… We ran inside to see the damage and were shocked to see that only one drinking glass had fallen! I inspected the entire log structure including the foundation. Absolutely no damage!

Everything the Pioneer people said they would do, they did from start to finish. And the big plus-it really did cost what they said it would. I knew I was buying a quality product, but didn’t appreciate how good the home really was until after the earthquake hit.

We again thank you for looking out for our family’s best interests. We sleep very well in our Pioneer log home.

Jeff and Gigi, Rancho Palos Verdes, California- Developer

Dear André

I was wondering if you would do me a huge favour. Would you please tell anyone and everyone that had anything to do with the building of my home THANKS!!!!!! It is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. It is better than my greatest expectations. I was able to be there the first day that they stacked the logs, but the second day I had to go to work. When I got home that afternoon they were just about finished. I was so happy and pleased that I started to cry. The folks at Pioneer Log Homes of BC went over the top for us.

We love each and every one of you…thank-you again for your craftsmanship and integrity.

Clyde and Linda, Indian Ridge, Utah- Developer

Dear Mike Jacobson,

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank Pioneer Log Homes for the excellent work providing the log homes for the BC Parks Olympic Reception Cabins. When BC Parks were planning this project we wanted to have a unique display of the many special places in BC the visitors to the Olympics could enjoy. Pioneer understood our vision and provided us with buildings that exceeded our expectations. From the Minister of Parks on down, everyone was very impressed with the look and the workmanship of the Cabins. Many people were drawn to the carvings outside the cabins, which you provided as an added feature. It was clear that you understood the opportunity presented to us by the Olympics and did your best to ensure that BC was showcased in a special light.

I have enjoyed working with you and your staff to overcome the challenges of this project and I think that you have done an admirable job of listening to our request and providing solutions to meet our needs. I wish you all the best in the future,

Ron Goldstone - Section Head, Recreation Ministry of Environment, South Coast- Developer

Dear André and Pioneer family

Caroline was the little Girl Scout in the wheelchair that wanted her picture with you. She would like to say a great big “Thank you” to Mr. André for making the cabin at Camp Tanglewood happen. She can now enjoy and have the camping experience just like other girls where before she could not participate. Thank you Pioneer Log Homes for blessing us!!


Donna Carswell, Augusta, Georgia- Developer

Dear Pioneer Family, Bryan, André, Donna, Larry, Joel and Peter

“Fantastic, absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, wonderfully massive – Perfect!!” These are just some of the words that describe our log home that you all built for us. We are so pleased with it that words cannot express how we feel. From the very first time that we met Larry and Bryan and some of you in Denver, we felt so comfortable with you that you just seemed like family. Then we met André, Donna and the rest of you in Canada and after working with all of you over the last year or so developing and building our home, we believe you are family. People loving what they do and wanting to help other get what they want really helped us realize our dreams.”

God Bless the Pioneer Family up there in British Columbia.

Jim and Lola, Southfork, Colorado- Developer

Hello Joel, André and Pioneer Log Homes

I would like to express my Thanks and Appreciation to you for the amazing jobs you have done creating my home and entrance. It far surpasses all I imagined. I walk around and around the house inside and out looking at the care you took on choosing each log. The character and beauty of each log is so unique to the other. I love the sight, the feel and the smell of them. It is heavenly. I am awed at the talent and craftsmanship that you have. You are truly blessed.

My daughters’ employer just sold a painting in Europe for $80 Million, and I know that it does not have the beauty or artistic talent that this Log house has.

My husband and I feel like it is alive. We feel like there is a spirit about it. I can assure you that we will love and care for it as it is a living piece of art with spirit. Only love will abide, and it is giving us comfort and joy.

Again and again I Thank You for your efforts, hard work, talent, and great care that you have taken in building our beautiful home. Pioneer is the finest Log Home in the world.

Our Best to You.

Terri and Jerry, Walker Basin, California- Developer

Dear André, Beat, Peter, and the Pioneer Family,

Once again we would like to express our appreciation about the excellent craftsmanship and your outstanding crew, especially Beat and Peter, who did a tremendous job in every respect. It was also a pleasure working together you (André) and your team in the office. As you know we traveled extensively throughout BC and the United States to find the right home for us, and the right company to do the job. Coming together with your company showed us all the beauty of a cedar log home and the special characteristics, which only a cedar home can give. And the decision to choose your company as our log homebuilder was a very lucky and satisfying one from the beginning to the end. We would love to talk to anyone interested in a log home, make the right choice, choose Pioneer, they will not disappoint you!

Klaus and Sonja, Vernon, British Columbia- Developer

Dear Bryan and André

Jeannie and I want to express our sincerest appreciation and thanks for building us not only our home but a work of art that will be shared for many generations. Joel, Peter, Martin, and everyone else who worked on our home are true craftsmen and artists of the finest calibre. Our experience with your company and the way we have been treated as clients has been over the top. Pioneer Log Homes of BC is the best…


Tony and Jeannie, Lincolnton, Georgia- Developer

Dear André and Bryan,

We hope that you are enjoying good health and that you are doing well. Many thanks for your Christmas card which we received last week. You have all our sympathy for your support of Camp Patriot; we thank people & organizations like yourselves that step up & help. The whole free world should be proud of these men who fight for our freedom and try to stop terrorism.

Thank-you & Sincerely,

Werner and Katy, Germany- Developer

Dear André, Beat & the Pioneer Crew,

My wife and I would like to send you this as a testimonial to our beautiful Pioneer Log Home.

In August 2005 you delivered our new log residence, it was the 5th log structure we had purchased from Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia since 1994. All of these buildings were very large in size for commercial use in our family’s business.

Our personal home came in 9 containers from Canada. We were interested in having an eco-friendly home with as many natural materials as possible. Even the insulation is made from wood fibre in the roof system.

On December 30th 2006, I woke to the smell of smoke. I woke my father-in-law up and we managed to put the fire out with extinguishers and fire equipment; however it was very dangerous, we are thankful that we were not killed in the effort. Our German architect Ueli Ettle later said that if the home was constructed from any other material other than logs, we probably would have perished in the fire.

The heat temperature at the roof ridge was later measured at 700 º Celsius. The windows were twin sealed glass but the fire was so hot that the inner panes of glass exploded with the extreme heat. Kitchen appliances and kitchen equipment were melted from the heat. The log ridges, log rafters and some log walls had 8mm of burned wood and charcoal on them. The interior frame walls, partitions and interior doors were burned and smoke damaged and some were completely destroyed.

The clean up by the insurance company consisted of spraying a latex eco-friendly compound onto the logs; it even penetrated the cracks in the logs. It was sprayed on the log walls, log ridges, log purlins and log rafters. The latex was then peeled off, removing the charcoaled wood and destroyed fibre. Three logs were so badly burned they had to be slicked and peeled. The miracle was the wood and remaining logs were still structurally stable and aesthetically pleasing. The overall damage to our home was in excess of 500,000.00

My entire family is very thankful that our home was a Pioneer Log Home. We believe Pioneer’s incredible construction and large logs saved my family from being hurt or killed in the fire.

Today our log home looks as beautiful as it did before the fire that December night!!

Thank you Pioneer,

Andrea & Ueli, Klein Aspach, Germany- Developer

Hi Joel,

Just a note to say thank you for all you did on our home. It came out B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! You exceeded my expectations and that was hard to accomplish. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful everything looks. Shawn did a great job putting it back together again, he is an impressive person.

Thanks again for all you put into our home, we love it!!!

Ernie & Terri- Developer

Dear André

I am writing to express to you and your company my compliments on the log frame, log post & beam package delivered to Bell Island, WA, for Steve and Erica. It truly is a superior and unique project. Everyone involved deserves our congratulations on a job well done.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my particular congratulations and appreciation to Joel and Mark who were on site for the re-assembly of the frame. Joel displayed professionalism in every way with a continued positive attitude and the superior acumen that allowed for easy problem solving and a smooth erection of the log frame. In my opinion, Joel represented your company in the best way possible, he took personal ownership of the project in the care he gave each detail.

As a person with 34 years of building experience working with all kinds of projects, crews, owners, architects, and sub-contractors, your company as well as Joel stand out as one of the top organizations I have ever worked with.

Let me know at any time what I can do for such a fine group of people. I will be pleased to recommend your company to anyone should the opportunity arise.

Yours very truly

Rolf, Washington State- Developer

Dear Bryan, André, Larry, & Pioneer Family,

Thanks so much for all your talent and hard work in constructing our beautiful cedar home. We are sure to think of you often as we marvel at the craftsmanship for years to come. The people at Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia are the best……..!!!!! Our float planes out front of our beautiful log home are a fitting setting for an outstanding life-style, set to reality by your company’s hard work.

Linda and John, Anchorage, Alaska- Developer

Dear Dream Makers,

Words cannot describe how beautiful and wonderful our newly erected log home is. Adam and his guys have been great. We cannot believe the bear you sent as a gift. What a wonderful surprise. He will greet all of our visitors as they drive up to our new home. Our experience with Pioneer has been unequalled in our history of dealing with companies. You guys are simply the best. We have and will recommend you to anyone that will listen. We will send another note shortly as Carole would like to thank you with her own thoughts. Beat, Sam and the yard guys have done an exceptional job on each and every log. Carole said that she recognized each individual log from our closely studied pictures as each was placed by the crane and the Jensen crew. I think we have touched and gone over every log and all the beautiful details all over the house. The post and beam upstairs is equally remarkable. The translation from the plans to the logs has been inspired. I can see the vision and design of Roy and Andre in the final product in ways that I could not imagine. When we had our bull session with Roy, Gary and André and were throwing our ideas and listening to suggestions from you guys, little did we suspect what a difference it would make in the final product. You guys knew and gave good advice. It is like when you council teenagers: you can tell them what they should do from your experience and offer advice, but it is only after the situation plays out that they will tell you that your advice was good and that you were right. Boy, were you guys right in your advice. I have been telling people that the log home is so beautiful that I am embarrassed by it. It looks like a log mansion, not a log house. We definitely have neighbours with log envy right now. Even after seeing a lot of pictures of the log structure we were shocked and awed by the size and quality of the logs. André was right the home looks better in person than in pictures. We will continue to write to you guys as the project progresses. We can’t thank you enough for our log home.


John and Carole, Waha Lake, Idaho- Developer

To Pioneer Family, Mike Jacobson

Our cabin is absolutely awesome, better than we expected, and we expected a lot! Pioneer was fantastic to deal with. We had spoken with a few different companies in our search. I immediately liked that Mike didn’t use any pushy sales type gimmicks to get you to sign on the dotted line. He was honest and above board to deal with. I very much trust Mike and I can’t say that about very many salesmen! Donna was our designer and she always made me feel like my cabin is special and important. She’s likely drawn hundreds of homes much larger or elaborate than ours but she always took time to talk with me and make changes where I had questions or concerns. She made fantastic suggestions and I would have been lost without her. She is a wonderful, knowledgeable woman.

When they say the finest log homes on earth they aren’t kidding. The craftsmanship is second to none, it’s like a work of art. Your home will be unlike anything else around. We have had, I would say hundreds of people stop and look at our house. (We are on a busy street) I’ve had several people tell me we have the nicest cabin at the beach!! We seriously considered a milled log home and I am so glad we didn’t go that route. I love it and would absolutely recommend it to anyone. I will send more pictures as we progress.


Kayla Nolan, Rouleau, Saskatchewan- Developer

Dear Mr. André Chevigny

My family and I will treasure the experience forever.

We continue to spend time out at Camp Tanglewood. My dad is coming too to help with the rickety old log cabin that was back into the woods a bit. I can’t wait for him to see your work. I mentioned to you that he and my step-mother built a log cabin in Iowa for their retirement home. He is looking forward to seeing your work almost as much as his two grand girls! All of the best to you and your family. Be well, thank-you André to Pioneer & all you did for the Girl Scouts of Augusta Georgia.


Jacki Lee Rodgers- Developer

To André, Bryan and the whole Pioneer crew: We wish to thank everyone for the outstanding post and beam house you delivered to us. Also for the professionalism your entire company presented and for the personal, never wavering attention, advice and patience you gave. From sales and design, to delivery your attention to detail in everything you do was continuously and utterly perfect! It was and always is a pleasure working with all of you! Your product – the post and beam – was far beyond anything we ever imagined it to be like! The beauty of it simply blew us away. If anyone ever craves to hear my advice on a post and beam house I would tell them three things: choose cedar, allow extra space during design for the forest you will put into your house and go with Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia. Take care,

Sunny & Werner, Whitehorse, Yukon- Developer

Dear André

I am writing on behalf of those friends who dined with you today. This was a very generous end to a marvellous day up in your beautiful country. The visit with your family & your passion, Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, opened our eyes to a part of Canada we knew very little of. Thank you for answering our questions and for giving up your Saturday afternoon to spend time with us. This was a fitting end to a very special visit to Canada. We are so glad to have met a special friend of Phil’s and Mary, we wish you continued success with your company & thank-you for your generosity. On behalf of those people who have given more than we can fully comprehend…

With grateful thanks,

Janet, Operation Comfort, Texas- Developer

Dear André,

I just wanted to drop this note to you to say a huge THANK YOU! to you and your fantastic team of people for being the best hosts on this planet. A special thanks to you and Wendy for dedicating a sacred Sunday to us and allowing us to invade your personal space by taking us into your beautiful home and allowing us to poke around. I must say, your home is well beyond imagination, which only concludes what one can expect when dealing with Pioneer Homes.

Apart from being great guys, you and your brother demonstrate the natural ability of combined professionalism, leadership and customer care. This ethos obviously filters over to your loyal and super friendly staff and leaves me and I am sure, anyone that deal with Pioneer Log Homes feeling like we are your best and most reassured clients. This is a very tall order and you guys fill it with ease, because I know that is what you believe in.

I know my employer Mike Spencer – Nairn feels much the same way as we spent a lot of time talking about it on the long journey back to the U.K. I look forward to dealing with you and all your staff over to the month to come and I know you will be there for all the back-up I need our project!

My kindest regards,

Pat McLellan, Alder Project Management- Developer

Dear Pioneer Family, Mr Mike Jacobson

Our new Pioneer Log Home is truly SPECTTACULAR! We are happy beyond belief. Our utmost compliments to Bryan & Crew – I have never seen such professionalism and dedication to craft. They were very patient in spite of the “not the best crane operator in the West” problem. We absolutely can’t wait to be living there. We were certainly the talk of the community when it went up. I swear if we had charged admission for tours, we would be rich.

Everyone that drove by wanted to stop and look and really couldn’t believe just how beautiful it is.

Again thank to all of you who have made our DREAM COME TRUE! You have treated us like family and taken a lot of time and care to make sure we have exactly what we wanted and we truly DO! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Best Regards,

Sherman & Bev Mitchell, Proud Pioneer Log Home Owners- Developer

Hello Joel,

Just a note to say thank you for all you did on our home. It came out B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! You exceeded my expectations and that was hard to accomplish. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful everything looks. Shawn did a great job putting it back together again, he is an impressive person. Thanks again for all you put into our home, we love it!!!

Ernie & Terri- Developer

Hey André,

Rumour has it you are going to be coming to one of the log home shows in Tennessee soon. If so, it’s just a few hour drive to our house from there and would love to show you what we built. Cindy and I would love to have you visit and hear your comments. We’ll send some pics soon; it’s looking real nice, far exceeding our expectations.

With kind regards,

Dan and Cindy- Developer

Dear Bryan and André

We received the Edmonton Log & Cabin show brochure in the mail today and oh what fun to see our little home on the cover!!! Thank you endlessly for all you have done for us. I recently have retired from my full time job and Libby has quit her as well and we are immersed in the blessings of your craft and of His hand in our little home on the Ragged Mountains. We will never be able to thank you all enough for what you have done for us. We love our little home.

We wish to thank you for making our dream home become reality. We never could have imagined a home so beautiful. Please let all your folks know how much we appreciate what has come before us-we are truly Grateful & Blessed to have met your company.

Warmest Wishes,

John and Libby, Carbondale, Colorado- Developer

Dear André

Thank you so much for inviting Terri & I to come meet you and the Pioneer Team. The time that everyone gave us was truly impressive due to the fact that we had already signed a contract and that you were not trying to close a sale. It was a genuine welcome. We felt something special from the moment we walked into Pioneer’s building and saw the greeting from the “Pioneer Family” to us. From that moment on, the overwhelming feeling I walked away with is “Family”.

We met with Gary, who so graciously chauffeured us around for two days. Gary even took us to meet his wife at her Deli and we sat and talked for a couple of hours. We got to learn about their kids, their chickens and turkeys, even when they met at the newspaper they used to work at. Gary is a wonderful individual who truly enjoys his job but especially loves working with the Pioneer family.

Next we got to meet with Donna. I have been working with Donna for the last six months on the phone while she has made numerous changes as we refined the drawings into our exact dream home. Donna felt it was important enough to drive over an hour in the snowy conditions just to meet us. In the short time we were together, we got to hear about her two boys. Donna has a very welcoming demeanour and in her own way reminds me of my sister.

We met with Peter, who told us heart warming stories of his five year old son and how he loves to play hockey with his dad. It so reminded me of when my son was five and would wait patiently by the front window, looking for his “dad” to come home from work. We also met with Beat, and could just hear the excitement in his voice while he told us about the home he was building for his family to live in back in Switzerland.

Then there was the time we got to spend with you. Not only did you give us several of your very precious hours, but you also told us about your family. Even on your daughters 16th birthday. You invited us to tour your own home that you are building, and what a wonderful home it will be. Thank you for allowing us into your private life to see the passion you put into these homes. It’s the stories of how you got the wood for your doors, or how the log post in the basement split into two pieces and your son not only made it work, but even more beautifully than if it remained as one log. Even something as little as not referring to the past homes you built as the “Flagstaff” home or the “Smith” home, but “John and Mary’s” home. This reflects the personal attention to each home as not just another job.

If you notice, I never once used the word house. The word house is defined as “ones living quarters”, while home is “the social unit formed by a family living together, relaxed and comfortable, in harmony with the surroundings”. The name “Pioneer Log Homes of B.C.” is most appropriate, because you are not building houses, but homes. I told your team that my desire is to build a retreat for our family members to come stay and feel welcome. I was sure when I signed the contract that Pioneer would build us the best log cabin available. After this visit, I know in my heart that you will build us the best log home for our family and many generations to come.

Thank you again for your hospitality and the opportunity to spend time with each and every one of you. Thank you for welcoming us into your family.

With much appreciation,

Ernie & Terri- Developer

ear Bryan, André, Donna, Joel, Carsten, & the whole Pioneer Family,

You folks are in the business of making dreams come true…and bringing a lot of happiness to all you serve. I hope each person involved in our project realizes the appreciation we feel as homeowners. Carsten has been very encouraging and helpful all along the way, and Bryan and Kay are wonderful. Thank-you for inviting us into your home & the welcome you gave always to us. We haven’t met your brother Keith yet but he is planning a trip down to see us. Donna, you have been so easy to talk with, your design professionalism & your never ending understanding of liveability & structure………I feel like I have had such good support with your company in all areas. Through this whole process it has been so apparent right from the start, I definitely made the right decision to go with Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia.

Terry and Jerry, Caliente, California- Developer

Dear André, Peter, Beat, & Pioneer family

Thank you for your craftsmanship & quality, thank-you for all your help in organizing our log home for Switzerland. It has always been our dream to have a log home & you have made our dream possible. Now we can send best wishes from our log home to your, from across the world.

We are so happy in our Pioneer Log Home, from Canada. Thank you to all the Pioneer Family.

Martin and Manuella, Switzerland- Developer

André, Peter, and Bryan

Your log work is better than we could have ever expected, from quality craftsmanship, to service, to information, to providing more than you say from the beginning. The labor and craftsmanship in the log work is so impressive, we can’t begin to tell you how happy we are.

Something so funny that we need to share with you, some guy stopped in to the house and man, did he have “Log Envy”. Apparently he had just received delivery of his milled log kit of 10” logs, then he heard about our house & stopped by. He was wandering around my Pioneer log home with his jaw on the floor, very impressed with the hand craftsmanship, & beautiful Western Red Cedar logs. I can tell you that at that moment he wished he had knew about the folks at Pioneer before he started…NICE JOB GUYS

Rod and Patty, Twain Harte, California- Developer

Dear André,

Thank you so much for all the work you did and for going the extra mile to make our home look truly unique and for putting it together without mishap. We appreciate each log, the hand peeling, and the extra notches put in to make it special. Your labour will bring us so much joy, for years to come. Thank-you for the hospitality you showed us when we visited you in your home town of Williams Lake. Tell Peter hi again from us, we think the world of him.

PS: A neighbour came by and said he saw a real problem with our house. When I asked him what it was, he said the house was just too beautiful to be hidden in the woods, and should be out for everyone to enjoy!

Janet and Cliff, Estacada, Oregon- Developer

Dear Bryan, Chuck, André, & Pioneer Family,

Thank you so much for our beautiful log home. We feel both your product and the craftsmanship are absolutely outstanding. It was a real pleasure & experience watching the Pioneer crew assemble the logs, like orchestrating an opera. It all went so smoothly…they really knew their job.

We would highly recommend Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia to anyone.

Gene & Joanne, Port Townsend, Washington- Developer

Dear Bryan Sr and entire Pioneer Family

The cabin was far above my remotest dream! Wonderful, Wonderful. The boy’s at Pioneer have truly made my dream come true. I love each & every one of you…

Mary, Nimpo Lake, British Columbia- Developer

Dear Pioneer Family,

At a log home show in Scottsdale, Arizona we met Larry George and Bryan Reid of Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia. My wife and I fell in love with their homes and with their help designed our log home. Our home arrived on November 19, from Canada; ever since then work has commenced on our home and it is now nearly finished. Adam Jensen has been there from the beginning and lived right on site finishing our home. This man has helped me get the permits, get the foundation in, and done nearly all the finish work on our cabin. I cannot really describe how well our cabin has turned out. Adam and his crew are truly craftsmen, and have been very creative. The quality of work could not be better. This cabin has become a dream come true for my family and myself.

Working with these men from Pioneer and the Jensen’s has been a lot of fun and I would recommend these mean to anyone. These men really love their work and it shows in the finished product. Adam has worked around the clock. I cannot say enough about how pleased we are with our new home and the quality of the workmanship. We appreciate Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, thank you…

Doug and Karen, Mesa, Arizona- Developer

Dear Pioneer Family,

Bryan, & the entire Pioneer Family, we love our new home and never get tired of showing it.

The best to you all,

Roz and Dennis, Wyrica, California- Developer

Pioneer Family

The whole family, (12 of us) will celebrate Christmas at our cabin. We love and appreciate it so much. It is such a dream come true for us as a family. Pioneer Log Homes of BC is the Best.

Carl and Sylva, Surprise, Arizona- Developer

Dear André, Bryan, Peter, and Pioneer Family

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you all did on our home. When they were setting the first tower log, Gloria & I both had tears in our eyes. Words could not explain what we felt through the whole process with your firm. André, you told us upon your 1st visit to our property how all this was going to play out. You provided sound advice & professional opinions that have got us to this day. The house is fabulous & we love you guys.

Your craftsmanship and quality is outstanding, and that includes all the people in Pioneer that we have dealt with. We couldn’t have asked for nicer people and such a professional organization. Peter, you are a true artist & a wonderful human being, this house is as much your house as it is ours. You built the log package like it was your own, thank-you.

We love our new home; it is beyond our imagination! You should all be very proud to be part of such a wonderful company. We know we feel very blessed to have one of your “works of art!”

Gunter & Gloria, Loveland, Colorado- Developer

Dear Bryan, Carsten, & Pioneer Family,

I don’t know where to begin. You guys have given us such a beautiful log home; it’s the best one we’ve ever seen. You should see the people stopping to take pictures on the weekends. They stop their cars in the middle of the road to look at the house and forget that they are holding up traffic. No accidents yet, but a lot of near misses. It’s fun to hear all the people as they drive by real slow with their windows down or the motorcyclists that yell out “LOVE YOUR HOUSE” or “WOW, LOOK AT THAT!” Some people just drive right down the driveway and get out and come into the house.

Please let the crew that built our beautiful home know that we love it and still can’t believe it is ours. You guys have helped a 20 something year dream come true. Just remember this; everybody at PIONEER has a place to stay her in our home.

Thank you for working with us and making it possible for us to own our own PIONEER log home. We feel like we’re some kind of movie stars or something.

Wynn, Tami, Devon, and Brooke, San Diego, California- Developer

Hello Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia,

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in our cabin for almost three years, but it’s even harder to believe that I’m just now getting around to sending you photo’s that you had requested. We love our cabin and love the feel of it when we go there. We’ve taken many family and friends and they all rave about the beauty of the logs and craftsmanship as well as the entire quality of the cabin. Thank-you again for helping us achieve our perfect get-a-way, from our family to yours…


Greg and Shelley, Kashwitna, Alaska- Developer

ear André, Gary, Donna and the rest of the Staff at Pioneer Log Homes,

Although this letter is long overdue, we would like to express our sincere thanks for the awesome work that was put into the selection and creating of our beautiful post and beam home.

When we first met you, over 4 years ago, it was while we were on a trip interviewing various log home builders in Western Canada. We thought we had made up our minds as to whom we were going to choose our logs from, but since you were last on our list, and we were so close, we thought we might as well check you out – and you amazed us! From the moment we walked in the door, and seen our names on your welcome board, to the greeting we received when we arrived, to the warm and very informative meeting with Gary, we knew we had found what we were looking for!

Then that winter we flew out and met with Donna who helped us, through numerous revisions, to put our vision onto paper. Her suggestions and outstanding patience enabled us bring our dream alive! Meanwhile, Stephen sure knew how to peak our interest with those photos he sent us of our home while it was being constructed in your yard – we could feel our excitement grow, as delivery day drew nearer!

And then the day came! There are really no words that can describe what a person feels watching those logs come of the truck and seeing them being constructed into your dream home right before your very eyes. For years we had planned this home and now it was actually happening! That is a day we will never forget as we watched your crew assemble the framework of our home. Their sheer agility amongst those huge logs, is an amazing feat in itself!

But THOSE LOGS!!!! – they absolutely blew us away!!!! For years we had scoured log home books seeking out what it was that appealed to us, and what it came down to was that we wanted the “WOW” factor. So when we asked you for knotty and gnarly logs – you certainly were more than obliging – you exceeded yourselves beyond our wildest dreams!!!! For years we looked at those perfectly round circles on our blueprints, but had no way of really envisioning the absolute uniqueness and beauty each one possessed. Whoever picked out our logs certainly must have an amazing eye for envisioning their placement! We really wanted a unique entrance, and your log selection over the front porch certainly says it all! What a terrific welcome into such a unique home! As for the king pin in the great room – Stan is in awe with it every day! When we changed the double round off logs under the king pin to a single log, we had no idea it would create such an amazing feature – “amazing” it is!!! Again, you couldn’t have chosen a better log! It has a “WOW” factor 10 times over!!!

So once again, we would like to thank everyone at Pioneer Log Homes for truly fulfilling our lifelong dream. So often this day and age, customer service is something that is often overlooked. We can’t begin to express our appreciation for all the time and patience everyone in your company put into helping us create our beautiful log home. You can tell Pioneer Log Homes takes great pride in their work – as it shows! Looking back we are so glad that on that day 4 years ago, we decided to check out that last log home builder – we truly had saved the best for last! You are truly number 1 in our books!!


Stan and Keltie Masters, Water Valley, Alberta- Developer

Dear Gary (Please pass on to the entire Pioneer Team)

It has been a couple of months since our new Pioneer log house was transported from Williams Lake to here on our property in Vanderhoof. This letter is long overdue, as it has been at the forefront of my thoughts to ‘things to do’ to share with you my thoughts regarding the whole process.

We had often driven from Vanderhoof to Vancouver, and since we lived in a log house, we always slowed down as we passed your Williams Lake site, to admire each and every new structure that was being ‘created’. We were amazed to see the quality of the logs and artistry involved. These were not just ‘log shells’, but rather works of art.

So when we lost our house and contents to fire in September 2008, our thoughts regarding replacing our home went directly to Pioneer, I had viewed innumerable magazines and websites seeking ideas, but nothing matched what your company produced. After much haggling back and forth (insurance company deciding what we could and could not have), we were thrilled to be given the go ahead to deal with Pioneer – I was over the moon.

From Day 1 when we walked into your office and met with Gary, your entire Pioneer team demonstrated that customer service was truly at the top of the priority list. Time spent with us discussing and tossing ideas around was never an issue, and we valued the suggestions and feedback from all team members. Planning the house was a huge issue with me, so when I was able to sit down with Roy and plan the house in one day, the pressure was immediately lifted from my shoulders.

We followed the process of construction with frequent visits to the site, where each time Peter and Joel gave us their time very freely to share ideas and make adjustments to the plans at my suggestion. We really appreciated too, the emailed photos sent from the office. A great idea and most welcome!

Finally, house completed, house en route. Well informed with day and expected arrival time (although we did not expect pickup mishaps!!) the house arrived, crane on site. Immediately, without hesitation, setup took place, and the log placement process began. What an exciting time it is to see a house finally assembled on its ‘home locale’. I can imagine that this is an exciting time (or is it just work!!) when Pioneer accompanies the house to a wide variety of locales in different areas and countries.

My daughter enjoyed the opportunity to take the crane ride to the top of extension, for a bird’s eye view of the construction process and the surrounding countryside.

With Peter supervising/overseeing/ ‘doing’ the construction, the logs we all in place in a matter of just over 24 hours. There was no hesitation re getting the ‘job done’ ASAP. As the house took shape, I was informed at every stage that if I saw something out of place that could be corrected, Pioneer would be only too happy to make any modifications (of course within reason)!

Now, two months later, the roof is on and the inside stud walls are in place. Plumbers and electricians are on site.

There is still much to do and decisions to be made, but these decisions rest squarely on my shoulders. Because the house is amazing – the log work, the attention to detail, the design – I am now working to ensure that interior finishing/furnishing come close to matching the quality of the logwork.

We have had many visitors to the site to date. “Amazing”, “very impressive”, “look at the log work”, “check out this carved log”, “look at these logs” are among the many, many superlatives that visitors send my way. I have shared photos at various stages of construction, but when people actually arrive and view the ‘real thing’, they never fail to be amazed.

I have attempted to convey in this letter, how happy we are with the entire Pioneer team, from the very beginning to the delivery onsite. I will certainly send photos your way when the house is finally completed.

Please feel free to send any visitors my way. I do not think there are many Pioneer homes in this area (Vanderhoof and environs), so I am more than happy to show possible ‘new log house owners’ our home and to tell people how proud I am of our new house and they top notch service provided by Pioneer.

My sincere best wishes and thanks to the entire Pioneer Team…

Yours truly,

Wendy Davis, Vanderhoof, British Columbia- Developer