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Bringing Nature in with a Log Home!

Those of us that have experienced living in a log home could describe the feeling as safe and tranquil. This feeling provided by Log Homes are enhanced by their location, which are often found in mountainous states and provinces or amidst the serene landscapes surrounding lakes. Wood, as the preferred material of our forebearers, establishes a genuine connection with nature and history, making log homeowners feel like they are part of the landscape.

The Untold Beauty of Log Homes

Log homes are a well-known symbol of getting back to nature. Exposed logs, unlike modern building materials such as steel, concrete, and drywall, have warm and familiar feeling. The hand-peeled, large diameter logs often used in log homes also become focal points in the interior. The natural colors and textures of the logs complement the rustic terrain in which they’re situated. Log homes in these beautiful settings truly offer a lifestyle that celebrates the beauty of nature.

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Log Homes are Sustainable

Sustainability in these unique homes are often a concern, however responsibly sourced timber and construction with renewable materials make log homes an eco-friendly choice. Many homeowners take pride in knowing that their log home is a testament to their commitment to the environment in which their home resides. Read more about Pioneer’s mission statement to sustainability here.

Our team of professionals would love to discuss turning your log home dreams into reality, please feel free to contact us anytime at 1-877-822-5647.



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