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Log Home Customization

With our skilled master craftsmen and design team, we can help you fulfil your dream of owning a log home. Here are some ways you can customize your log home and truly make it your own!

Family Trees

Our log homes stand apart with their distinctive ‘Family Trees.’ Our clients are often invited to one of our sites to choose their own centerpiece. These centerpieces are then peeled and placed into your future log home for future generations to enjoy. In the past, several of our clients’ family trees have been so grand they require a single trailer for themselves!

family trees

Custom Log Home Plans

All of our log home plans are fully customizable. Truly create your own design, unique to yourself and your family. Our in-house designers will guide you through our unique personal process of turning your dreams into reality. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Custom Log Home Plans

Log Rafters

Replace conventional dimensional lumber with our slabbed, hand-peeled log rafters for a stunning aesthetic unmatched in the industry. Each rafter is precision-cut to ensure perfect fits, creating spectacular peaks and valleys.

log rafters

Flared Log Ends

One of our most renowned features of our log homes are our hand-peeled large diameter Western Red Cedar logs and their impressive flared ends. Each of these logs is uniquely shaped, which makes working with them a challenge, and yet our craftsmen create wonders with each one. We also offer Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Douglas Fir to meet various preferences and budgets.

flared log ends

Hanging King Truss

Our signature hanging king trusses are a true testament to our master craftsmen and their work. These striking elements feature precision joints and a majestic appearance, making them the highlight of our custom homes.

hanging king truss


Adding scrolled woodwork to doorways and protruding log ends introduces intricate detail and depth to your log home interior.




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