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Maintenance on a log home?

Log homes with their natural beauty and timeless appeal have made them a dream for many homeowners. However, like any other building, log homes require regular maintenance to ensure they stand strong for generations to come. Two critical aspects come into play when it comes to log home maintenance: addressing the settling of the log house, as well as providing elemental protection to the logs through the application of a high-quality stain.

What Is a Settling Period?

When a log home is first assembled, it undergoes a “settling period” as the wood naturally shrinks through drying and compresses from the weight of the logs above. A Pioneer Log Home generally will not settle more than a few inches, as we ensure the logs used have undergone a year’s drying prior to using it as part of a house. Additionally, we bore vertical holes through the log walls throughout the house for the insertion of spring-loaded thru-bolts which aids in compressing the log walls, as well as fastening it to the foundation, and providing lateral strength.

log home maintenance

What Is Staining?

Staining your log home is an essential step in maintaining the beautiful appearance of your newly constructed log home. Exposure to the moisture and UV rays can quickly dull the luster and color of a log house. While not mandatory, the application of a tinted stain rejuvenates your log home giving it a fresh, new appearance. If a tint is not included, the top-coat primarily acts as a moisture barrier while allowing the wood to take on its natural, weathered grey color. Depending on the elemental conditions, a log home may need a maintenance coat every 5-7 years. Additionally, stain serves as a safeguard against the formation of cracks resulting from the natural expansion and contraction of logs in response to moisture levels.



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