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Log Home Construction Styles – What’s Best for you?

Let’s Talk Handcrafted Full Scribe Round Log

Most people may not know that there are different log construction styles to choose from, each style presents it’s own unique pros and cons which will be discussed in more depth below.

Let’s start with the traditional log construction style, for Pioneer this is our Handcrafted Full Scribe Round Log Construction.

When you think of a classic log cabin this is it! Logs are run horizontally and stacked one on top of the other to make up your exterior walls. Each wall log will be scribed to the one above making for a perfect fit and eliminating the need for any excess maintenance like chinking. In this construction style the logs themselves are both the insulator and the wall finish so there will be less work for the homeowner to complete.

Because our Western Red Cedar Logs have one of the best thermal values of all wood species, customers will find that this type of construction holds up better in harsher climates, the logs will store and retain heat and cool better than a conventional frame or brick home. Not only are they surprisingly energy efficient but the logs are extremely durable, and they hold up well in extreme weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, even fires.

Traditionl Full Scribe Round Log home in France

Figure Above: Traditional Full Scribe Round Log home in France.

Log Home Settling Period

In full scribe round log construction there will be, what we call, a “settling” period of about three years.

Settling is one of two things; firstly logs are a natural product and will always have some sort of moisture content, even though Pioneer dries it’s fibre for at least 1 year before using in the construction of your home. As the logs begin to acclimatize to your environment the horizontal logs will begin to settle out and you will notice the logs tend to “come down”.

The second contributing factor comes from the weight of your roof system. Once the roof system is installed this additional weight will compress the log walls even further creating a nice tight seal. 50 years in the business has helped us come up with the perfect solution to settling – special steel hardware hidden in the walls and posts effectively mitigates and reduces the maintenance component for our homeowners.

Log Home Maintenance

Log homes, or any type of natural wood product for that matter, needs to be shielded from the long- term effects of sun/UV and exposure from the elements. So keeping up with a maintenance routine is imperative to keep your log home B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L for generations to come! Often we see our
homeowners use a tinted stain product on the exterior logs while the interior is left natural with a clear coat application. After the initial application, maintenance coats will need to be kept up with every 5-7 years or when discoloration and fading is evident.

Because we build our homes with only the top-quality log species, Western Red Cedar, which is one of the only species nearly impervious to insect degradation and rot, some clients have opted to utilize this to their advantage and minimize maintenance requirements by applying a special lifetime coating. This lifetime coating is typically an all-natural product that expedites the weathering/graying on the logs and gives the wood a very rustic appeal when complete. This is a one-and-done application and is very appealing for our homeowners who use these structures as second homes, recreational properties, or resorts.

Log Cabin in Scotland with Lifetime Coating applied.

Figure Above: Log Cabin in Scotland with Lifetime Coating applied.

Stay Tuned for the next instalment of our log construction styles – Let’s Talk Log Post & Beam.

If you’re in the market for a new home, consider a custom-built Pioneer Log Home, the finest log homes on Earth!



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