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Letter from the Chief – Pioneer Log Homes of BC Ltd – The finest log homes in the world!!

Howdy friends,

Winter is gone. Finally! We are ramping up and making ready for the excitement of the high-octane building season which approaches fast and unfortunately, is gone fast. Winter is so long here in the Cariboo. All of our cranes are spinning like tops. Our master craftsman will be travelling to set-ups all over the world and I will be buying logs. Hand selecting unique pieces with the characteristics that make a Pioneer Log Home a Pioneer Log Home.

The design team is working on some interesting projects ranging from 600 square feet to the extreme end of the spectrum of 25,000 square feet. That last one barely fits in the yard!

It’s always busy, busy, busy, and running around and managing this and that and signing this and that and repairing this or that. My dad is always giving me a hard time; “Well when I was running Pioneer Log Homes… I did it like this”. He has a LOT of advice. I guess that is the joy of a family business that moves through 3 generations. Shared experience. Shared pain. Shared Joy; for example, I took a few days off in early spring to celebrate the wedding of my only daughter. I suspect she will need her own Pioneer Log Home soon for her new family.

We couldn’t keep going without you.

Thank you, friends, colleagues, and clients, for staying close and sticking by us during these crazy times.

Bryan Reid (otherwise known as Junior)



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