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7 Reasons to Own a Log Cabin Home

At some point, nearly all log cabin owners were one the fence about whether or not they should choose a log cabin over a more “traditional” home. However, the overwhelming majority of those owners quickly realized the many benefits and advantages of owning a log cabin home. For those who may be on the fence about owning one, take a look at this list of seven reasons why you may want to own one.

1) Log cabin homes are more energy efficient than “traditional” homes. Log cabin homes are uniquely designed to help you stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, thanks to the R-value of wood used in a properly built home.

2) The possibilities of where you could live are endless. You can build a log cabin home in the woods, in a secluded area, or in a different area of choosing.

3) Owners of log cabins can enjoy the rustic appeal their home provides. People are constantly looking for ways to differentiate their home, and make it more aesthetically pleasing. What better way to do that than build a beautiful log cabin home?

4) There are a wide range of styles to choose from. As evidenced by the pictures on our site, the construction of a log cabin can get your creative juices flowing, and help make your dream home become a reality.

5) Potential problems that homeowners face are easy to find. For example, as we pointed out in a previous post, many issues, such as termite infiltration are actually easier to spot in a log cabin than they are in a traditional home.

6) Log cabins are a versatile property. Perhaps you don’t need a new home; you just need an extra property. If so, a log cabin could be the ideal place to retreat to when you seek quiet time and peace and tranquility. Additionally, it can be the place you go to enjoy nature, or the place you stay during a hunting excursion.

7) It’s an economical and long term investment. There is a reason you can visit long cabin homes that have been around for centuries: they are built to last! Your log cabin home will be an asset you can hand down to younger generations, and there are cabin homes available that can fit a wide range of needs and budgets! Customize your own log cabin by calling Pioneer Log Homes of BC today!



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