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What Do You Use Your Log Cabin For?

Log cabins are renowned for their versatility, as they can be used to suit an array of needs. As such, a log cabin’s flexibility is a key buying point for many owners. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 4 ways in which an owner can use their log cabin.

1) As the place to raise a family in; a place to settle down in; or a place to enjoy your retirement years in. In other words, a log cabin can serve as the perfect long-term home for people who value a log cabin’s rustic charm, its energy efficiency and the innumerable cool designs they can fashion their home after.

2) Vacation, vacation, vacation. Many people use their log cabin home when they need a peaceful getaway from the noise of everyday life. Others use it as a place to relax and sleep and tell stories after a long day hunting in the woods, or after a day spent fishing on the water. Regardless of your vacation preferences, building a log cabin in a chosen area will allow you embark on many memorable weekend getaways.

3) An area to conduct business. Rather than rent business space for a small operation, and pay exorbitant rental prices, why not make a shrewd long-term investment, and build a log cabin? The tranquility that a log cabin provides makes it an ideal place to work on office tasks, make phone calls and balance the books. Best of all, the money you would use to rent a space is money you’ll never see again; conversely, the money you invest in a log cabin can be redeemed if you re-sell it someday, or you can simply flaunt it as an asset in your portfolio.

4) A log cabin can be used to supplement your income. This idea is kind of a spinoff of numbers 2 and 3, but a log cabin be used to help earn you more money. For example, as outlined in number, an ideally placed log cabin can be the perfect destination for trips. As such, when you and your family aren’t using it for your own vacations, perhaps you could rent it out to other individuals or families, which will provide you with more pocket change and reduce the burden of your overall investment.

In addition to using a log cabin as office space, you could use it as a small retail shop. For example, wouldn’t it be fitting to sell hunting or other outdoor gear in a log cabin, rather than in a mundane retail shop? Alternatively, perhaps you could open your own gift shop, and sell special knick-knacks. Any which way, it will add a distinct feature to your business and help separate you from competitors.

Ultimately, the important thing to remember is a log cabin can be more than just your home, although it certainly serves well in that capacity. You can be as creative as you want, both in the design of a log cabin, and in its uses!



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