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Five Myths about Custom Built Log Cabins

With many contractors taking on unique projects, like log homes, there can be some confusion between what’s commonly known, and what’s actually true. When majorities of people believe and spread inaccurate information, it’s a myth. This is exactly what happens when inexperienced builders jump into the world of building log homes. For almost four decades, we’ve been doing nothing but creating custom log homes for people in Canada, so we know our stuff.

The Most Common Log Cabin Myths:

1. All homes are kits; they’re already complete

Incorrect, they’re built as solid homes with sturdy walls, using conventional wood and materials. Some distributors will sell the supplies you need for specific projects, but it does not do what the sound implies it does. Your log cabin will not snap together like a set of Lincoln Logs.

2. Log Home Maintenance is Arduous and Time Consuming

If you design it right and educate yourself on how to keep everything nice, it can be pretty low maintenance. Proper landscaping and decently sized porches will help keep everything in order.

3. Log Homes have mold problems

This one isn’t entirely false, it just shouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a log home. Conventional homes see mold just as often as long cabins. All surfaces can develop mold; however, if you perform routine maintenance on your log cabin, and if you have your home properly built, then you should be just fine.

4. Log cabins have Termite and Other Insect Issues

Yes, if the wood is untreated. However, all log cabins should have natural minerals that repel wood-eating insects.

5. I can use regular stain from a store

Eh, you can. You could also cut your own hair or paint your car, but the result would clearly show. Browse online or contact us to find the best products to use on your wood.



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