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Timber Kings Television Series Premier

Get A Behind The Scenes Look At How World-Class Log Homes Are Built!

The new original series, Timber Kings, will take you into the world of home building like you have never seen before. The Pioneer Log Homes’ master log smiths work under intense pressure and rigid deadlines to craft multi-million dollar, elaborate log homes. HGTV Canada follows the builders of this family-run business as they work tirelessly to masterfully craft stunning custom log homes for their clients. Viewers will get a behind the scenes look at how the most unique log homes on earth are built.

The drama never stops as the crew builds difficult and complex luxury log homes while dealing with all of nature’s elements, terrain and client issues. Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia crafts the most magnificent homes all over the world using a labour-intensive process to ensure the luxury log homes are completed to perfection for every client. Viewers will have a chance to see that Pioneer Timber Kings are much more than home builders; they are artists. This team of artists makes dreams come true with unique and high quality custom log homes.

This season, the Timber Kings tells several compelling stories of how the Pioneer Log Homes’ crew builds homes in various locations including Scotland, Germany, a private island in England and North America. Clashing egos, client demands, and competitive drive will keep viewers engaged in the intense process of taking 2,000 pound logs and assembling them into extravagant homes. This job can be extremely dangerous as the crew often has to maneuver the logs during severe weather conditions.

The world-class log homes are made on Pioneer’s site in Williams Lake, British Columbia. Each massive log is notched by hand to fit together with the other logs. The log homes are dismantled and brought to the final destination to be reassembled.

The Timber Kings drama begins Sunday, January 5th at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada. During the first episode, the Timber Kings build a 4,400 sq. ft. lakefront log cottage. Severe weather puts the entire project at risk. Timelines are put to the test when the crew must take all of the log home materials over three icy and impossibly narrow bridges before they can begin reassembling the home on the client’s site. Back in the work yard in Williams Lake, an eccentric American millionaire is trying to purchase a 1,000 year old tree to be the centerpiece for his new house, and two crew members fight over new equipment for their projects.



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