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Western Red Cedar: The Timber of Kings

In order to provide the finest log homes in the world, it’s essential that we use the finest timber species in the world: Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar is by far the most superior timber species in terms of beauty, quality and durability – but don’t just take our word for it, here’s a look at the facts.
1. It outperforms the competition. Western Red Cedar is by far the best insulator and has the best thermal quality of any wood species. With an R value of 1.5 per inch, Western Red Cedar far out performs any additional wood species or alternative building materials. Because Western Red Cedar is known as an excellent thermal insulator, Pioneer Log Homes stay cool in the summer and reduce heating costs in the winter. The Western Red Cedar is extremely durable even in the most severe climate conditions.
2. It’s incredibly durable. In addition to its thermal properties, Western Red Cedar has a very low shrinkage factor; it’s superior to all other coniferous woods in its resistance to warping and twisting.
3. It lasts a life time. Western Red Cedar is not susceptible to rot the way other log species are; therefore, our product’s longevity is almost immeasurable – lasting for generations. It has been revered for centuries by the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest for its legendary resistance to rot, its high natural resistance to decay and insects. Over the years, cedar groves became a symbol of power and strength, as well as a gathering place of retreat and contemplation.
4. It makes an impact. The colour and character of Western Red Cedar also helps Pioneer Log Homes of BC create a unique product. With a reddish-brown color, straight grain and few knots, an aromatic scent and incredible character, Western Red Cedar creates an ambiance of unimaginable comfort.
5. It grows close to home. Western Red Cedar is native to British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, and all of the timber we use in our custom log homes is harvested and selected by Pioneer crews in the central forests of B.C., Canada. The wood’s low density makes it an easy wood to transport and handle. All these factors help us sustain and environmentally conscious business model.
It’s unarguable that Western Red Cedar is the superior choice when it comes to crafting luxury log homes. So, whether your focus is performance, esthetics, or environmental impact, it’s easy to see that the best choice is Western Red Cedar.



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