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Environmental Influence: Keeping Your Build Green

One of the biggest concerns here at Pioneer Log Homes of BC is our impact on the environment. We use green building practices from design to construction to create the custom log home of your dreams. Building with logs is the most environmentally friendly form of building; but we realise that our environmental responsibility reaches beyond just manufacturing ecofriendly homes. We understand that it is the obligation of our generation to conserve our ecosystem. We take pride in managing reforestation and replenishment of the magnificent trees that keep our business and planet thriving.

When considering building your dream log home or log cabin, you too may contemplate your environmental impact. From clearing your property to building materials, everything you choose can and will make a difference.

In order to optimise the positive environmental impact of your build you’ll need to be conscious of your choices from the beginning. Before even breaking ground, creating a site plan that identifies any natural features (trees you would like to keep, streams or ponds on the property, and so on) can ensure that they are not damaged or put at risk in the building process. When deciding which trees to keep, take into account factors like age, root anchorage, stand size and species.

Just by making the choice to build with logs rather than alternative building materials, you are making a positive impact on the environment. The energy production needed for harvesting wood is far less than that needed to manufacture other building materials. Furthermore, the greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced: up to 50% less than concrete. Because heat energy cannot pass through the logs, your log home or log cabin will also be more energy efficient as none of the heat will be lost. Not to mention, saving on heat loss will inevitably save you money during those chilly winter months!

Whether building a dream log home, or a quaint log cabin in the woods, Pioneer Log Homes of BC is committed to building ecologically friendly and environmentally sound structures. To learn more about the environmental benefits of building with wood, please visit our website.



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