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Log Home Maintenance Checklist

To continue with the theme of preparing your log home or log cabin for winter, we bring you our maintenance check list. In six easy steps your home can be fully protected and ready for winter!
1. Clean gutters – Having clean gutters will help to keep water from running down your logs. Additionally, cleaning the gutters will help prevent damage to the gutters themselves, avoiding an unwanted mess and expense come spring.
2. Wash logs – once your gutters have been cleaned you’ll want to wash your logs. Using a specialised log cleaner and a pressure washer, the job is completed quickly and easily. Washing the logs will allow you to see any areas that need to be resealed or re-stained, as well as prepare the logs for staining.
3. Check stain – When washing your logs, pay attention to whether or not the water is beading. If it is, your stain is still in good working condition, if not, it’s time for another coat! If your stain is worn or peeling in only a few places spot touch ups are all you need. Be sure to check the ends of your logs for sealing as well. You’ll also want to watch for checks or cracks in the logs and apply stain to absorption for proper protection. If the check is large, you may need to fill it with caulking instead.
4. Check caulking – Before the coolness of winter hits, you want to ensure that your caulking is completely air tight. Remove any caulking that is peeling from the logs and replace as necessary.
5. Weather stripping – be sure that all door and window weather stripping is in good condition. Damaged weather stripping allows insects a path into your home, as well as unwanted winter drafts. Repairing the damaged stripping will help ensure your home stays warm, and positively effects your heating efficiency.
6. Roof inspection – Last but not least you will want to ensure that your roof is in proper working condition. Inspect areas susceptible to leaks (valleys, around chimneys, plumbing vents, etc.) to ensure they are sealed properly.
The task of preparing your log home for winter can seem daunting; but with the right supplies and our check list “winter-proofing” your home will be a breeze.



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