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Preparing Your Log Home for the Winter Months

With the seasons changing, we are naturally taking steps to gear up for the harshness that winter is sure to bring. Warmer coats, car maintenance, heating system services; but what about protecting your log home or log cabin?

With the increased precipitation that the fall and winter seasons bring, your log home or log cabin become increasingly susceptible to mold and fungus growth, as well as general weathering. In order to combat these log home enemies, be sure that you select a building area with a well-drained landscape, install an adequate foundation (18-24”) and ensure that the landscape materials surrounding the home support proper drainage. Materials such as rocks and shrubs can help to promote proper drainage and protection.

In addition to the landscaping features, adequate and frequent application of stains and sealing products will ensure that your log cabin reaches its longevity potential and continues to look like new.

Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones looking to take refuge this time of year. Rodents like mice and squirrels are looking for warm places to settle in for the winter and can cause lasting damage to your log home. Keeping trees at greater distances from the home can help to ward off these pesky animals. If you do find that you have an unwanted furry visitor, be sure to remove them promptly to avoid any destruction.

As our friends in the east know, wind can be an unkind enemy. While some wind can help to combat the moisture that is present during the fall and winter months, too much wind results in drying and cracking of the logs and chinking. In order to prevent major wind damage, pay close attention to how you position your log home or log cabin on your lot. Be sure to plant trees surrounding the home for extra protection and regularly apply stains and sealing products.

Once you home is properly protected, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it during the winter months; whether you’re cuddle up by the fire enjoying a warm beverage and a good book or out enjoying the slopes or back country. Protecting your home regularly will ensure its longevity, and allows you to invest in the things that really matter!



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