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Where Should You Build a Log Cabin Home?

One of the first questions that prospective log cabin homeowners ask is “where should we build our new home?”  Often times, people associate log cabin homes with an individual or family living out in the woods.  Although that can certainly be a suitable place to live, there are many other options afforded to cabin owners.  Let’s take a look at four suggestions that can help you choose where to build your log cabin home.

  • Scour the market for a real estate bargain.  Finding a terrific deal on property can significantly reduce your expenses.  Searching for foreclosed properties, properties at a real estate auction or land in remote areas can be the first step towards securing land at a bargain rate.  Additionally, consider building your log cabin home in a province or state with low property taxes.


  • Study the excavation expenses and the drainage and septic systems when searching for a good place to build.  If you choose to build a log cabin home with a basement, the last thing you want is to have water issues because you did not properly assess the drainage and/or septic systems.  In addition, be sure to inquire how much excavation costs will be so that you can add that to your list of expenses.


  • Build your home near a sunny area.  Find an area that is blessed with tremendous sunlight, and build your home accordingly.  Ensure you carefully assess where to place the windows.  Selecting an area that gets a copious amount of sunlight will help lower your energy bills, in both the winter and summer, and provide you with natural light during the day.


  • Once you have an area in mind, ask for an expert’s take.  Certainly, you could consult with a realtor; however, your best course of action is talk to an experienced log cabin company.  They can help you determine whether or not the chosen area is suitable, and further assist you as you customize a log cabin home to fit your needs.


If you have any general or specific questions about building a log cabin home, please contact Pioneer Log Homes of BC today.




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