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Choosing the Perfect Vacant Lot for your Log Cabin

Building a new log cabin home may be a long process, but it’s also a very gratifying one. A myriad of variables go into building your dream home, making it essential that you do your research, and build a cabin that will suit you and your family for years to come.   Ultimately, your dream home is more than just the foundation and decor you choose; every facet of your new property will affect your future abode, specifically, the outdoors. You should spend as much time scrutinizing your lot as you do on the design of your new log cabin.

The view from outside and the way your house faces the sun can influence your mood, so keep that in mind.  It can also affect the natural heating and lighting of your log cabin home. Aside from the location, you need to focus on three additional factors when choosing the perfect lot for your log cabin: topography, vegetation, and zoning.


This one is the most important for obvious reasons. You’re building your new life, so consider your distance from family, work, local schools, and city life.


Does the land call for the right kind of foundation for a log cabin? The company you work with can help you determine the right type of land to build on. This is also crucial for anyone who plans for an inground pool, or an outdoor kitchen. Moreover, the topography is very important if you plan to garden or grow your own food.


You can clear out trees and local plant life for sure, but how you do it is important. You may be able to get more space out of an area that already has fewer trees and vegetation, helping to keep your landscaping costs low.


Look into what you can and cannot do on the lot, and obtain the proper zoning permits needed for any approved construction you plan. Trust us; it’s better to learn about this before you design your dream house, only to find you can’t make it a reality.





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